Carson can finally get that gold star

What is Mythic Achievements?

MythicAchievements is an add-on for MythicMobs that allows you to create custom advancements!

Advancements will show up normally in the advancement pane, can be fully configured with all the typical display options, drop tables for rewards, and can use tons of custom criteria! You can even combine criteria with Mythic conditions to create highly complex achievements for players to earn.


  • Custom Advancements - Easily create custom advancements for your server without using a datapack! Create achievements with a simple config format similar to Mythic, and let us do the heavy lifting for you!
  • Tons of Criteria - No limits!. Award achievements based on a large number of triggers, and utilize the massive number of Mythic conditions available to fully flesh out your advancements.
  • Rewards - Give your players rewards and execute Mythic skills for completing advancements. Because some achievements deserve stacks of gold and huge firework shows!
  • New Mechanics & Conditions - Award achievements through Mythic skills, or execute different skills if someone has an achievement, using new mechanics based around achievements.
  • Highly Optimized - Highly optimized for large numbers of players, unlike datapacks! Triggers are only executed if someone is actually currently eligible for an achievement, and code is heavily optimized



New Mechanics

Other Features

  • Nothing yet!

Planned Features

  • Advancement Editor GUI
  • More criteria!