thicc dungeons

Mythic Dungeons - The Ultimate Dungeon Builder

Mythic Dungeons allows the creation of instanced and scripted worlds and adventure maps, ensuring every player or party gets their own private version of a dungeon map. Maps can be fully automated with events, triggers and conditions to give admins FULL control of what happens in the dungeon, where, and when, and all from in-game!

With tightly integrated support for Mythic Mobs, take your dungeons to the next level by employing Mythic skills and conditions.

The Core

  • Dungeon Functions:
    Functions perform various actions and events in the dungeon. To those familiar with Mythic Mobs, these are similar to mechanics. This includes spawning mobs, sending messages, playing sounds, running commands, and even performing Mythic skills!

  • Dungeon Triggers:
    Triggers are what activate dungeon functions. They listen for certain things to happen in the dungeon, and when they do, whatever function they're attached to will run. This includes mob kills, players entering an area, and even players right-clicking, breaking or placing a block at a location.

  • Trigger Conditions:
    Conditions can be added to triggers, meaning the trigger won't work until the condition has been met. This includes players or mobs being nearby, a specific number of players being in the dungeon... it even support Mythic conditions!

[Work in Progress]